News Release 02/06/18

Dr. Laura Ann Weaver Terminates Her Ohio Congressional District-1 Campaign

With Aftab Pureval’s formal entry into the race for the US House of Representatives in Ohio’s CD-1, Dr. Weaver has terminated her effort for that position.

​“It was necessary that our campaign wait for Mr. Pureval to submit his signature petitions to the Board of Elections before officially withdrawing,” Dr. Weaver said, “least no candidate appear on the ballot.” Robert Barr had withdrawn earlier this morning. With Aftab Pureval now on the ballot and with Dr. Weaver’s withdrawal, Aftab Pureval will be the sole person in the Primary on the Democratic Party side to represent the important positions of the Democrats. “There are many reasons why we need to re-balance the House of Representatives including the need to end transgender discrimination, end civil rights and voting rights limitations, and curtail the attacks on women’s rights and worker’s rights. The Republican Party has made a concerted effort at expanding corporate power while chopping away at the rights of everyday people. All of that needs change.

“My effort was all about defeating Steve Chabot and not about me. We must unite behind one candidate for the sake of a united front by the Party. I support Aftab with all my energy. He represents the best hope of the Democratic Party to end the control of this Republican-gerrymandered congressional district.”Dr. Weaver is one of over ten transgender women running for US House of Representatives in 2018. She started her grass roots campaign with the registration of her candidacy in March 2017.