At the time of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, African-Americans were 11% of the population and had 3% of gross national product. Now, half-a-century after the Civil Rights Act, they are 11% of the population and still 3% of GDP.

When a young African-American male leaves the house, parents do not know if he will return alive.

Driving while Black is an unwanted cause for police intervention.

Employment remains lagging compared to whites of equal skill.

While some African-American individuals have prospered, not much has changed. Despite our pledge of allegiance to the flag, we have yet to achieve ‘liberty and justice for all”. Black lives do matter.

As a Congressperson, I represent people and I am sensitive to it. I know from personal experience what discrimination is and it is ugly.

I support the police. This is not a matter of “law and order” as opposed to “justice for all”. Both are equally important. The purpose of the Constitution was to establish justice and insure domestic tranquility. Without justice, there is no peace.

Private prisons are abhorrent. They government has no right to abrogate its responsibility in fair sentencing. Prisons for profit are corporate greed at its worst, housing inmates in order to make money. They profit by keeping prisons full and their purpose is contrary to just sentencing.