I am looking to be part of the process of unifying our country again and to do so through public service in Congress.  This is something that a person does not do alone.  I am therefore seeking your active support.

I am looking to collaborate with you and establish positions that support you as a constituent, support the values of the Democratic Party, and to present those positions in a sufficiently inclusive way that will be attractive to numerous segments of the electorate. Our goal is to replace an entrenched member of Congress who has long been out of touch with the needs of our congressional district.


I am Laura Ann Weaver, an American citizen, a Democrat, a Social Liberal, a Political Moderate, a Fiscal Conservative and a transgender woman. I am a dentist by trade, a teacher, and an author.  I have served my country as a Captain in the US Air Force and I am a proud veteran. I am a fresh face in politics and, as such, I am not beholden to any special interests. My values tell me that it is best to represent as many people in Ohio Congressional District-1 (CD-1) as possible, and not just a select few.


I see a four-fold strategy.  First, I support our existing, loyal Democratic base.  Second, we recognize that there are many people so disenchanted with the current political process that they chose to not vote. They need to know that we are here for them. Third, we must mobilize significant numbers of voters from the political center to support our cause by addressing their concerns and supporting their needs. And lastly, we express our social positions to those people of the political Right in a way that is more attractive than the offerings of the extreme parts of the other political party.


The Democratic Party has been effective at representing the interests of various demographic segments of our society.  The interests of women, African-Americans, LGBT people, immigrants and refugees are not dissimilar. Our ongoing and continued support for labor issues and veterans is expected and well-deserved.  Labor in general, and unions in particular, are fundamental to a healthy and prosperous middle class. Millennials are our future and need recognition as such.  Veteran rights must be jealously guarded. The Veteran Health Administration, responsible for veteran care, must be held responsible at all levels of policy to insure a continuation and improvement of the care for the men and women who served in our military. As a veteran, I know that after-service transition to civilian life and aid to homeless veterans are a necessary part of the American promise to those who kept our country safe.

Ohio CD-1 is not a closely divided district. To be successful, I believe we need to broaden our message so that it is attractive to other segments of our congressional district, such as to small business owners and to independent farmers (in CD-1, typically in Warren County). The Middle Class desperately needs help, as they are being squeezed out of the American dream.  Working together, we can expand our political message and attract these people, including them in our movement


In recent years, one of the things that has been glaringly apparent is that there has been a pronounced movement away from negotiation and compromise. Our country has taken many steps toward a ‘Congressional All or Nothing’ which does not work for a functioning democracy. We can develop and keep a more inclusive constituency and achieve more of our party’s goals if we augment our legislative stance. By appealing to the swing voters who may share many of our ideals, rather than compelling our ideas when in power, we will then keep what we achieve. Where there is appeal rather than compel, there are fewer reversals.  The first step in this direction is the development of an agenda and platform that makes our candidate more readily electable.  In other words, we can appeal only to ourselves or we can appeal to a broader sense of ‘us’.



Women’s Rights

Black Lives Matter
Worker’s Rights

LGBT Issues
Low Cost Education
The Right to Bear Arms

This website is designed to be interactive, so that you can discuss the issues that are of greatest importance to YOU, and the solutions that YOU would like to see happen.

Please come often, and express civil opinions on issues and on the solutions by government that would best serve you.

The other party has come a long way in the wrong direction and, not surprisingly, is unabashed about their record, their proposals regarding the benefits of workers, and rights that minorities have enjoyed over the years. In their political agenda, they are attempting to roll back many of the advances in human rights that they have opposed in the first place by restricting or removing protections under the law.

Many politically moderate people would like to believe that the reversals in rights are the work of a few extremists in the other party. However, more and more, what is proposed is coming from Republican state-controlled legislatures, governors, senators and all potential Republican presidential candidates. These people are in control of the other party. Their social agenda is at the core of their belief system. Rather than expand American freedoms, the Republican Party wants to restrict what freedoms we, as a people, have gained. It is an attitude that tightly ties an ideological state to religious fundamentalism.

​I invite you to join me in our movement.  Click HERE to see how you personally can help.

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