President Trump's 'policy' of no transgender people in the military is an ill thought out decision lacking a reason to justify it. In the meantime, trained personnel would be involuntarily removed and prospective volunteers denied. Why? ...For no reason that makes sense. The experience in foreign militaries indicates little or no impact by transgender personnel on force readiness. A military is served best when it utilizes all of its human resources. In the past, African-Americans, women and gays have had to overcome similar ill-conceived prejudices in military serve. Transgender people are no different and have proven themselves to be so.

Compared to the cost of up to $300 million to replace and train 6,000 existing qualified and functioning troops, the cost of transgender care is estimated to be between $2.5 and $8.5 million. The military is currently spending $50 million on Viagra.

I am a veteran, having served in the Air Force in Korea during the Vietnam War. I am a transgender woman being served at the Cincinnati VA Hospital. I view Trump's transgender decision as no less than a politically motivated attack. He had to give his base something- anything- and transgender people are fair game in their eyes. He should have given them Barabbas instead or a bone on which to gnaw.

What gets me is that Trump's tweet started with "After consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised...." like some college rejection letter. Trump's staff and military experts scrambled to fill in the unexpected policy shift. Like the Obama telephone bugs in Trump Tower or the White House tape recordings of James Comey, Trump machinations are as mythical as the size of his inaugural audience. The generals that Trump consulted were in the imaginings running through his head. Real government policy deserves far more consideration.

Transgender people serving in the military are not opposed by their fellow men and women in uniform. They are dedicated to their military duties. So why make them a sacrificial lamb? Perhaps Trump responded in his characteristically impulsive manner to the Republican's failing Health Care Freedom Act proposals. Trump requires a scapegoat for the bully's failures. We are it.

What this really hurts is the military's ability to be prepared for all contingencies. Trump pulled our non-partisan military into his political topsy-turvy world.