In today's world, campaigning is expensive. Very expensive.

I worked on the Jon Ossoff campaign last summer in GA-6. That campaign was the poster child for being expensive... $60,000,000

The incumbent here in OH-1 already has seven figures in his campaign fund, and is raising $10,000 per week.  To be competitive, Dr. Weaver's campaign needs to raise money too, and a lot of it.

​Campaign finance reform is desperately needed.  The Citizens United decision was a move in the wrong direction... we need less influence from large money sources, not more, and Dr. Weaver supports finding ways to reverse that ruling. She also believes  that developing legislation, carefully crafted to pass Constitutional muster, that would returning the process of funding of our campaigns to people like you and me would be in America's best interest. Imagine a political process where only the Citizenry could fund campaigns!

In the meantime, we need donations from the public, and a lot of them.  Many people will be able to make a $25 or $100 or $500 gift, and Dr. Weaver still likes to send personal hand-written thank you letters. For all donations of $1,000 or more, Dr. Weaver will send an autographed copy of her biography, "Pink Dawn Rising", which includes both the story of her path to womanhood and the story  of her path to politics.  For those who make an individual donation of $2700, or arrange a $5,000 donation through your organization, I will arrange a personal thank you call with Dr. Weaver.

​If you have questions about how we are financing the campaign, fill out the form on this page, and I will contact you.




Farrah F Farley
Campaign Manager​
Campaign of Laura Ann Weaver