Someone has said, “Veterans wrote a blank check to the United States of American for up to and including their life.” We owe veterans much more than we are willing to admit and certainly much more than we have given.

There are five substantial issues including difficulty in transition back to civilian life, employment and employment re-training, stress disorders and other necessary medical issues, homelessness and the potential for suicide. These risks to veterans who have served our country is much greater than civilians who have not. And yet, they are proud people who may not know how to ask for assistance. The rest of us must be vigilant to aid and protect our fellow servicemen.

I am a veteran. I have used the medical facilities at the VA Hospital. And, as a doctor, I am now on a Task Force committee there.  I know that the services are there to serve the men and women who served the country. We need to provide the access, the transportation and the wherewithal to allow veterans who do not know how to proceed with finding the help they need to do so.

Through organizations like the VFW, the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans, we keep the unique bond that our military have for one another. We find employment for those unemployed, houses for the homeless, and we guide our fellow servicemen to the care that they need.

As a veteran, I understand these things. And I will never partake in an Administration that threatens to shut down the government, a Congress that sequesters medical care to veterans or reduces the service that we have earned.  As a US House representative, I will not let my fellow veterans down. I am receptive to your issues …to your complaints. I will help you with any veteran difficulties that you have. I stand by you.

I thank you for your service and I salute you.