Women have a right to all decisions about their own care, just as men do now. There is no person better qualified than the woman herself to make the choices on what medical care she is willing to utilize or what is best for her. And, certainly, no person in government holds the moral high ground to legislate any woman’s personal decisions about her choice of medical care. This includes her choices both when she is in gestation and when she isn't.

Additionally, clinical research is done predominantly on adult males. Yet we know that women have differing symptoms and may react differently to treatment than men. Medical research needs to better address the needs of women.

As a representative of the public good, I will not legislate against any woman's right to choose her medical care, nor work to hamper her right of choice.

Beyond healthcare, women also have other rights that need to be recognized. These include, but are not limited to:

- Equal pay for equal work

- ​The right to a safe workplace that is free from sexual harassment

- Appropriate social policies for pregnancy leave and child care